As a means of leveraging the resources developed by ReMDO, a new initiative called the RegeneratOR has been launched. This initiative consists of three parts:

ReMDO’s RegeneratOR Test Bed – seeks to assist regenerative medicine start-ups and growth companies with new and emerging technologies through access to advanced biomanufacturing equipment, talent, and programs to support prototyping and initial product development.

ReMDO’s RegeneratOR Innovation Accelerator – supports innovation from research to commercialization for regenerative medicine start-ups and growth companies by providing space and support, including market potential validation, benefit analysis, financial planning, budgeting, and comprehensive business plans.

The goal of the accelerator is to get great new medical capabilities and cures, to the market and to the patients in need. 

ReMDO’s RegeneratOR Workforce Development – a resource that connects an educational ecosystem of colleges, university programs and technical schools with biomanufacturing staff, engineers, and research leaders. With access to training programs across the members of the Regenerative Medicine Manufacturing Society (RMMS) and the Regenerative Medicine Innovation Consortium (RegMIC), and world class talent, regenerative medicine enterprises can rely on a pool of newly-educated individuals, or existing employees who can skill-up with short term courses.

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