RegeneratOR Test Bed

  • Assisting regenerative medicine start-ups and growth companies with new and emerging technologies to support prototyping and initial product development for regenerative medicine innovation. This will provide interested investors confidence that the innovation can scale and is well managed​
  • Assisting in generating standard operating procedures, data, presentations at conference, publications, etc. that can assist with providing support for technologies and fostering widespread use​
  • Integrating advanced regenerative medicine technologies into translational GMP facilities that will pave the way for wide-spread integration and  adoption of regenerative medicine manufacturing processes​
  • Developing training programs that will put industry technology in key user’s hands and assist with wide spread adoption of technology in the area of regenerative medicine manufacturing​

Watch as BioSpherix completes the Test Bed install from July 2022.

News Releases

RegeneratOR Test Bed to Launch Start Ups, Advance Regenerative Medicine Ecosystem

Etaluma is collaborating with the RegeneratOR Test Bed to help support start-up and early-stage companies in the regenerative medicine space.